In 2018, I left academia for a “real job” as a Structural Engineer, but I am leaving this academic website up for reference and for links to some of my publications. From 2015-2018, I was an Assistant Professor at Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, USA, with a joint appointment in the Mechanical and Civil Engineering Departments, in the Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics (SESM) group. I was formerly an Assistant Research Scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Simulation Based Engineering Laboratory (SBEL), and an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Rock County. I have performed research and published peer-reviewed articles on the subjects of Engineering Mechanics, Mathematical Logic, and Mariology. From 2012-2017, I was a regular contributor to the bi-monthly magazine, Missio Immaculatae International, published by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate in the USA. I am married to Clara Maria Bernadette Fleischmann, née Cavallin, and we have seven children: Gertrude Margareta, Thomas Jonathan, Mattias Josef, Anselm Gustaf, Philip Fulton, Edith Faustina, and Clara Birgitta!