As an Assistant Professor at Marquette University, I currently teach the following undergraduate and graduate level courses:

  • Numerical Methods for Mechanical Systems (MEEN 3260),
  • Intermediate/Advanced Numerical Methods for Mechanical Systems (MEEN 4995/6995-independent study),
  • Introduction to Continuum Mechanics (MEEN 4260/5260),
  • Multiscale Material Modeling (MEEN 6260-under development).

As an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Rock County, I formerly taught the following first- and second-year undergraduate engineering mechanics courses:

  • Engineering Mechanics: Statics (EGR 201),
  • Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics (EGR 202),
  • Mechanics of Materials (EGR 203) with Materials Testing Laboratory,
  • Thermodynamics (EGR 263).

(For the relationships between these subjects, see the figure below.)  As an Assistant Professor at UW-Rock County, I also taught the following first-year undergraduate general engineering courses:

  • Engineering Fundamentals (EGR 105),
  • Engineering Graphics with Computer Aided Drafting (EGR 110).

I taught the courses at UW-Rock County in both synchronous and asynchronous (online) distance education formats, as well as in face-to-face (traditional) format, from 2011 to 2014.